Thursday, 17 January 2013

Scallop textile, work in progress

Morley is back in full swing, so I'm tackling my design ideas based on the scallop sculpture.  Besides exploring pebble shapes and rust/ ochre/ earth tones ( more in another post), I've been extracting shapes from the sculpture.


cutting them out in paper and auditioning these against some of last year's tray-dyed fabrics.

Photo0243 Photo0242 Photo0245 Photo0246

The aim is to use these shapes to make a silk screen, and then print the shapes on 4 tray-dyed pieces of cloth, each dyed with a different palette to represent earth, air, fire and water. I'm hoping that these don't look too much like a hood from a super-hero film, but for now I'm convinced that they don't.

Lots of potential for overlaying and stitching in to the shapes, and stitching with different colour and texture mixes as a result.That's the plan for now.


  1. Not super-hero at all - but gorgeous! Hope that the screen printing goes well.

  2. Lol, I didn't see the hood, until you told me! Look as if you'll have fun!


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