Saturday, 22 September 2012


This Scottish word originally meant to catch fish with one's hands. It has another generally accepted use, which is to muck about making a complete mess. Definitely applied to this week's Morley activities. First up, preparation of a screen for breakdown printing with Procion P dye pastes.

Pastes are applied to the screen, like icing a cake, then objects are embedded in to it, and the screen is left to dry. As the paste is quite thick, this screen has been left to dry until next week. An added bonus are the drips that come through the screen, and I used this to make a quick mono print - no pic of this, as I also had to leave this to dry.

Before starting on this, I set up a tray dye,of cotton sheeting, with Procion MX in blues and brown.

Beautiful fabrics emerged. These are not technically perfect as they have specks of undissolved dye on them, but I rather like this effect.

The second piece was folded before pleating, leading to one half with sharp and the other half with more faded versions of the same marks.


  1. I am fascinated by that screen print process. I presume you remove the objects revealing the pattern to be printed.

    Guddling - what a great word to describe it. I've never heard the word before!


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