Tuesday, 4 September 2012

"Finished is better than perfect" weekend

A rare weekend with no family responsibilities gave lots of time to finish some WIPs that were eating into energy that is needed for other creative endeavours. First up, a ' Hawaiian quilting meets Scottish iconography" cushion.

Hand-appliqued with my own design, after a lesson several years ago from Maggie Davies.. Machine quilted.

This will be in the Richmond and Kew Quilters exhibition, on the craft stall or on the cushion raffle.

Next up, quilt as you go pinwheels, which featured here some time ago. Turned into a bit of a "shambles-as-you-go", as once again I launched into the sewing without a complete plan and had to adapt as I went. Hand and machine quilted. Machine quilted with Bottomline thread, which is incredibly fine, so much so that I had to use the Bernina bobbin case finger extension for the first time. Worth exploring if you are having a problem balancing top and bottom tension.

Details of machine quilting

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  1. Well I can't see anything imperfect there - well done for your finishes (and your finishes - I love the English language!). x


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