Sunday, 16 September 2012

Morley Moons

Back to Morley this week, and sanity is restored. The studio has been revamped to give more usable floor space, and a deep clean of all surfaces has been done wherever possible. The course this year has a majority of returners, so will be run as more of a workshop. First new technique discussed tis week has been breakdown, or deconstructed screen printing, so I am gathering interesting bits and pieces this week for embedding in dye paste next week.

I made some more indigo moons ( CDs clamped on a piece of concertina folded sheet, and dipped in indigo for 2 minutes) to add to a piece I have been constructing during the summer. This is about 40 x 50 inches.

Indigo moon, overprinted with Procion P dye paste, through a masked Thermofax screen

Indigo dyed moons with twist pleated inset border

This will probably take for ever to get quilted, but it is a good start to the term.


  1. Beautiful! I also think that the blog title should be the star line of a poem, if your creative urges should ever take you that way! Glad that you are back 'at school' and enjoying it!

  2. The borders work really well, and I love the birds. I got Thermafax scissors at FOQ but haven't tried them yet. My ou can. (apparently) make you own screens by hooping tights, and painting several layers of mod podge to creat the resist. I haven't tried it!!!

  3. Nice moons! Good to see you today, and thanks very much for voting for my Blog to Japan!



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