Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Positive blues

A course over two Sundays at Morley, on colour theory and dyeing. The plan is that at the end of the course we will understand cross-dyeing with two different colours, in light, medium and dark and will have a whole colour family from these two dyes. What is even bette,rid that the tutor wants everyone to dye enough fabric so that we can exchange samples and have a reference point of over 100 samples dyed with mixtures of yes.

I started with a 50:50 mix of turquoise : royal blue Procion MX in three different strengths, and will cross dye next week with brown. These glorious colours deserve better hangers.

Why is this ironing so much more fun than this type of ironing?


I also managed to throw a long piece into the indigo vat while mashing the blue fabric up and down in the dye baths.


Such a great day, especially as 3 former Morley class mates and one of my quilting friends were on the same course.

Nothing to do with dyeing now, but I've been trying to capture a photo of some robins in our garden, building a nest to raise their second brood of the season. This blur is the best I can manage.

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