Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Mind the Map

I love maps, so I am already looking forward to the exhibition at the London Transport Museum " Mind the Map".

Mind the map logo2

What will make this exhibition even more worth waiting for is a new art work by Susan Stockwell, hopefully, one of her dresses. She is asking individuals to contribute old travel tickets to be combined in to the piece. As I seem to have obsessive ticket gatherers in our family, I am encouraging them to donate some of their collection. This artist had a very interesting piece in the exhibition " The Art of Mapping" in London in November.

From reading about this exhibition, have ended up here and here. I now need to see how much of this is feasible in fabric. So little time……..


  1. Wow so glad I popped by! I have been thinking of maps for about 3 weeks now, its as if it was all meant to be! Thanks xx


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