Thursday, 12 April 2012

Journals progress, red to yellow

I'm taking part in the Contemporary Quilt Group challenge again this year. The theme is to make an A4 piece once / month with 4 months focusing on shades of red, 4 months on shades of yellow and 4 months on shades of blue. Up to 25% of the piece can be other colours, as long as the predominant colour is as specified for that month.

I showed the January effort here, but I don't think I showed February, maybe as I wasn't too pleased with how it turned out. Fabric origami hearts appliqu├ęd to a shibori dyed background.

March is now complete. Cotton sheeting, batik dyed with red procion P after marking with soya-wax,( washes out with hot water, so no tedious ironing it out) and then machine quilted. Binding is commercial fabric attached from the back, and stitched down with a decorative stitch from the machine.


April's is underway, and I've decided to include a transition from one colour to the next in the pieces that straddle a change of main colour. Commercial fabrics, the background is one of my all time favourites, " Milano villas" from Makower. Appliqued hexagons, with an attempt at machine trapunto, not very successfully so far, as the puffiness all seems to be on the back. Maybe a greater amount of background quilting will make it more prominent.

Due to a sick child ( not serious,now recovering), I've had a day at home, so have made a start on May, the first of the yellow-themed pieces. Hand-dyed fabrics from an exchange, which will have dense hand-embroidery on it.

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  1. I love the way the split hexies make a sun burst shape, and I hadn't seen that fabric before - fab!


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