Saturday, 31 March 2012

Dual dramatic devore

Last week of term at Morley, so a dash to consolidate this term's learning ( as well as she a great group lunch outside in the garden).

Using my swirling screen, which I now think it too overpowering to use on its own, but which works when overlaid with a paper stencil of circles

I did some devore on a white silk / viscose satin ( this term has been more costly in terms of fabric required). I forgot my camera again, so did not photograph each stage of this process, but the steps were:

prepare paper stencil
apply devore paste to the silk / viscose satin through the screen
hot acid dye in the first colour ( burgundy, purply colour)
rinse thoroughly
dye again but this time in Procion MX blue/turquoise

As the fibres take the dye differently, the effect is this wonderful two-coloured piece.


After lunch a scramble to use up this term's print pastes. Setting up another open screen with masking tape to produce a grid along the lines of the devore on the velvet, I applied the pastes along the print well in blobs of two colours, to give these lovely ombre ( graded shades) effects.

First of all, aubergine and teal on top of an indigo, shibori dyed cotton

Then, the same shades on a piece of white cotton sateen

I have also managed to put needle to textile this week as well, with more success with the lattice smocking

Quite different end result with the cotton being much flatter than the synthetic printed textile.


  1. Busy again! I love the cotton lattice where you can see the pattern so clearly - and I'm very impressed with all your different printing techniques / effects! What a cracking term of work!

  2. I'm with Plum, the lattice smocking looks great. The different results fom the same methods is astonishing, so much variety


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