Thursday, 8 March 2012

Stuffed and stitched

A day at Morley to consolidate technique by revisiting some previous textile marking methods. First up, indigo shibori, but this time with the stitched circles stuffed with polyester wadding to try to avoid white pleating in the centre of the stitched circles.

Somewhat successful: two ends of a single length of cotton sheeting, about 40cm x 180cm


I and quite pleased with the effect in the centre of the smaller circles and will explore this further. I forgot that the polyester wadding would be very buoyant, such that the stuffed parts were bobbing about on the surface of the indigo vat rather than immersing.

I tried using a couched cord wavy lines instead of stitching to gather the folds in the centre of the piece. Very quick to do on the sewing machine, but it gave marks that were much less distinct

Next, a bit of batik, trying to write text, ( about 20cm x 30cm). In the indigo bath for a much shorter time, hence the lighter colour

I also did a bit of foiling, screen printing, and cold water dyeing but those pieces are not photographing well under artificial light, so photographs of these will have to wait.

If you are near Morley between 15-29 March, do visit the gallery to see "Made at Morley" an exhibition of pieces made by students on the textile courses. Work has to be curated in, so I won't know until next week if I have had my submissions accepted.


  1. Oh those 'bubbles' are fab. I think I've had a favourite before (if not several) but this is my new fave!!! The hand writing looks fun too, I do envy you the course!

  2. Truly lovely! well done you!

  3. Interesting use of wadding - sounds similar to a technique called capping that I've read about but haven't tried.

    I'm sure you'll make it into the exhibition! ;-)


  4. Avril - I peaked through the windows at Morley Gallery yesterday when they were hanging the exhibition, and I'm sure I saw some furoshiki bags!


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