Sunday, 25 March 2012

Divine devore, a finish and a new stitching experience

So, after this long, thankfully I got to Morley on Thursday and carried on working with devore and hot acid dyeing. Devore is a many-stepped process, so it is not surprising that the fabrics are usually costly and used in clothing with minimal cutting and seaming.

Starting from this white silk/viscose velvet


which progressed via this screen printed design ( which I'm calling "Frank Lloyd Wright meets Charles Rennie Mackintosh at the Willow Tea Rooms")


to finish as this wonderful teal scarf, dyed using Kemtex hot acid dyes.


I hope I'll be able to repeat this colour, as I did take notes while I added a dash of the and a smidgeon of that.

Next up, a finished cot quilt. Liberty lookalike braid panels ( donated to our group) machine pieced with neutral panels, and then hand-quilted a la Nikki Tinkler.


Lessons learned from this one,

1 if you are going to use a quilting stencil, make sure you remember which way up you placed your cables, so that they are going in the direction you want - please don't ask me any I am writing that one

2 if you are going to use hand-dyed threads ( particularly red) makes sure to test them for colour-fastness first

3 similarly, if you are going to use a thread that gives a unique finish, make sure that you can get more of it before you start your project

As my samples from Morley are accumulating, I'm using some of the synthetics to try out stitching methods that I've never tried. First up, lattice smockingP1080384

A bit all over the place, not helped by the fact that is was done while watching the extended version of " The Fellowship of the Ring", but worth exploring further.


  1. Ok, I now have yet another favourite - that scarf is so lush, I loved it in white, but the turquoise is even better. The hand quilting on the lovely quilt is fab too

  2. Busy girl! Love the devore design!
    Interesting effect onthe smocking too...... well done you!

  3. You are busy!! Do you ever sleep, or are you one of the lucky few for who 4 hours a night is enough?

    I like the little quilt, the devore looks interesting (I have a bit of paste to have an experiment) and I like the look of the gathered piece. All fascinating stuff.



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