Monday, 6 February 2012

Still transferring my affections

So,loving the transfer printing effects, but still not enamoured of the fabrics, this week it was time to try some different techniques. First up, wax resist on the paper, before painting on the dye. This beautiful petrol blue was my own mix of dyes.


Next trying this same paper on a garish synthetic organza


It will be good to explore some the layering effects that will be possible with this dyeing method.


Layering detail


Next, trying some resist with dried leaves collected last year.


Again lovely transparent effects on this fabric.


And to finish, a bit of a shambles, trying to use two shades of the same dye, but without enough contrast between them.


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  1. I'm sure I Did the wax crayons and paint when I was at primary school! It still looks like fun. Seeing these last few posts reminds me that I have some batik type resist wax which washes out, and ome fabric dies. I got them from Panduro, but no instructions, maybe half term is time to try them! See you on Monday?


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