Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Dispersing discussions

When disperse dyes are painted onto the transfer paper, the colours bear very little resemblance to what appears on the fabric. In general, the dyes appear murky and dull. Our tutor is therefore very keen that we understand how the dyes interact with each other and how to mix our own colours. We therefore prepared our own colour charts, by painting strips of dye, then transferring these strips on to the fabric twice, once in the direction of painting, and then again at 90 degrees to the original print. This gives a grid of mixed colours for later reference.P1080139

The painted paper after transfer of the dye to the fabric.


The paper with the printed colour chart.

Discharged papers with the relevant printed fabrics


The papers are rather lovely by themselves when they are discharged, and still have plenty of dye on them to take on to paper with water.


These dyes have a very distinctive smell, which seems to be more apparent when wetting the paper - odd.

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