Thursday, 16 February 2012

Made at Morley

Morley has a great gallery, with a professional custodial staff. The exhibitions show work from professionals, Morley tutors, and occasionally, of the students at Morley. In March, the textiles department will be having a " Made at Morley" exhibition, so I need to get a few pieces ready for that. As there is no class this week, it is a chance to get on with making some items.

Another furoshiki bag, sewn as an adaptation of this tutorial and using a length of tray-dyed fabric.


Fastened with a button / brooch, rather than tied.


Then a cover for my sample book, quilting another tray-dyed piece in the same colours. The blue is more intense than this, but somehow it is bleached out in the photos by being so close to the orange.



  1. That looks like some damn natty stitching! I love machine embroidery/quilting. I find it really satisfying. And this reminds me that I must get back to a bit of gentle dyeing - once I have finished sorting out the junk room which is supposed to be my work room!

  2. Hiya Flaming Nora here, thanks for entering the giveaway over at my place. Sorry but I couldn't track down an e-mail for you. So am leaving a comment here. Could you let me have an address to send your fabrics to? flamingnora @
    Love the crazy quilting by the way.

  3. Oooh, I love the bag. I thought that furoshiki just used stash fabric (this shows that I bought the book, but didn't read it!) but I didn't find the link very easy to follow, I think I'm better with LOTS of photos!!!

  4. Look forward to seeing your work in the exhibition!

  5. Hi Stitch Science!

    Terrific work, and glad you found the tutorial of use! We have always admired the crazy range of course at Morley (class in dog costume!) but tell me, which one did you attend exactly?


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