Sunday, 19 February 2012

Mindless making

There are some occasions when the stresses of the day are not relieved by family, laughter, exercise, reading, watching TV or listening to music. That's when I turn to mindless making. No pattern, no plan, just pieces of fabric, the sewing machine, whatever wadding comes to hand and thread. This week's mindless making coincided with a need to start stitching items to sell at our quilt show in October ( yes, we believe in planning ahead). These cards are the result.


Transfer printed synthetic fabric, machine quilted around the random motifs. These are square, just distorted by the angle of photography.

Indigo dyed cotton, with foiled circles, then machine quilted. I should have photographed these before putting them in the cellophane bags. Why is it that the very act of putting these in the bags, and sealing them, makes them immediately look more professional?


  1. Very productive! Lovely looking cards!

  2. Oh, I'll be buying some of the "indigo dyed cotton..." as to me they look like "full moon over water" - lovely!


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