Sunday, 12 February 2017

Half a hexagon.......

…. is better than none. Stitching this week has been piles of calico half-hexagons, therapeutic, but not exactly photogenic.

Sketching was focussed on the2017 journal challenge for the Contemporary Quilt Group. My theme is”microscopic” and my current thoughts are to focus on seeds, algae, bacteria and plankton, all tiny fragments of life that are critical to our survival.

Seeds, after looking at the photographs in “Seeds, Time Capsules of Life"

A very interesting class at Mary Ward this week, with a session on mono printing. We focussed more on making marks through an overlaid paper, rather than mark making on the ink itself.

Initial scribbles - plankton appearing!

More confidence in the line

More dramatic background effects. I’m very interested in this technique and am going to try this on cloth with Markal sticks.

overlaying with acrylic washes.

and on the way home, a protest against ironing


and for inspiration, the beautiful wood-carving of a modern Grinling Gibbons

Giles Newman







  1. Good to see you busy, busy, Av. Loved the little carved spoons.

  2. Oooh- those spoons! What are you doing with the half hexies?????


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