Saturday, 25 February 2017

Four years ago.....

I printed a piece of white cloth with random rectangles ( half way down this post). Last weekend I painted it with a wash of acrylic paint and auditioned threads from the thread jar

for potential quilting.

This weekend I quilted it with twin needle straight stitching and stippling. My sketchbook is now feeling much more like an object that I want to use.







  1. Sneaky peek of 'Craftivist' badge too?!? Love the printing / quilting that's made your new cover, as well as what is happening in your sketch book. You must be accumulating quite a shelf full of these now? Beautiful, as well as a great design resource.

  2. Oooh, twin needles! I haven't used them for ages - great idea, and fab result!

  3. Yummy sketchbook with delicious cover!!


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