Friday, 1 April 2016

Visit, read, finish

An unexpected visit to Nature in Art, near Cheltenham, to see the work of StitchextileArtists.  Lovely textural pieces, with an oyster shell made of cloth being particularly notable.


The sculpture in the gardens added to my obsessions with fronds and seed heads.


For some reason, it was very difficult to portray the scale of these pods - they were at least 5 ft high.


Inside, some lovely work with found wood


and with carved limewood, made by Robert Cox.



Hoem to an unexpected find n the local library, “ How to Make Beautiful Buttons” by Beate Schmitz.  Having done the online course with Karen ruin on buttons, I didn’t think there would be a lot for me in this book, but I was gladly mistaken.  Some fun ideas, so the may be renewed up tot he maximum three times.

Buttons as drawer knobs?


Carton buttons?


My brain is pre-occupied by tomorrow’s talk, so a discovered kit from Deborah O’Hare of provided some pleasant distraction.  Very simple and effective, but I had my usual problem of the Heat’n’Bond seeming to melt into the top fabric, and then not sticking to the lower layer of fabric. I wonder if I am holding the iron on to it for too long?

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  1. Deborah's kits are fab, and I think the stones are my favourite ( You do find some lovely exhibitions to visit! I have a small ikea 6 drawer unit with buttons as the knobs! I used leather with a knot in the drawer so the buttons hang a bit loose


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