Saturday, 23 April 2016

Charity shop find

Charity shops now seem to be very focussed on clothes and crockery, so there is less chance of finding a stash of someone’s threads, fabric, yarn or craft tools.  I was therefore delighted today to find this cutting ruler.  It seems as if this is an older version of this tool, as searching on the web, it is now called a Shape Cuts, rather than a Short Cuts ruler, and the newer version has another marked line at a different angle.

The young girl in the shop was intrigued by my explanation as to how it is used, especially as I tried to demonstrate without a rotary cuter at hand.

Not that I’ll be doing much cutting, as quilting the Kaleidoscope is taking priority.  It is very difficult to photograph the back of this, due to mottled grey and black fabric on the back.

My work this week took me to the Welsh valleys where spring is in full bloom.



  1. Lucky find! Love how the quilting is coming on on your quilt!

  2. Great charity shop find Av! Not just a piece of plastic!

  3. Great find! I've been really lucky and had some donations of stuff that would otherwise have gone to a charity shop


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