Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Like driving someone else's car……

My plan today at Morley was to free-motion stitch some of the tree outlines on to the dyed  cloth from last week.  It is sue time since I sewed using a machine other than my own, and it was not a resounding success.    After trying 3 different machine, breaking 3 needles, continuous thread breaks, I did manage to get in tune with a machine.

IMG 0218

Stitching on organza- ignore the quality of the stitching please

IMG 0219

My brain can't stitch these shapes as well as it can draw them.  This tree looks too much like seaweed, or some odd anatomical protuberance.

IMG 0220

This one looks like a set of tube worms.

IMG 0221

Stitched organza overlaid on the printed cloth from last week.

IMG 0222

This could be going somewhere now, but my tutor recommended that the trees need roots  to ground them in the design more effectively, so lots of stitching practise needed at home.


  1. I thought hands at first, but they are trees!!!! I know what you mean about someone else's machine, it always takes me a minute or two too! Glad you got there in the end !

  2. How very frustrating to have to try out one machine after another! The trees will surely get themselves sorted...


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