Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Could I have an ice cube in this coffee?

On my way to Morley today for the start of the new term, and i was caught in a downpour.  I needed a cup of coffee to warm up.  Ordered my coffee, waited for it, and a very large young man hovered behind me.  Eventually he spoke, in an American accent, " Excuse me, could I have an ice-cube for this coffee?  I'm not British and I really can't drink coffee at this temperature".  Perhaps he was in a hurry, but it did make me laugh.  Anyway, those words made their way in to some of today's work with heat press ( transfer)  printing.

An exploration of the tree motif from last term, on a much smaller scale, with an overlay of a piece of the large scale, printed on polyester fleece.


Large tree motifs, positives and negatives - I really struggle to get my brain round this I think due to the inversion of the image at the same time.


Could I have an ice-cube……printed to try to hep me understand the inversion  and positive / negative aspects of transfer printing when using a photocopy.  Printed on polyester satin.


Printing one piece of painted paper to exhaustion, on fleece, 8 consecutive samples.


Summary of the day - it is wonderful to be back.



  1. That is so funny! It made me laugh out loud.

  2. Practical, but funny! Looks like you had a blast at Morley!

  3. You are so enthusiastic about your course!!!! It's great!


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