Thursday, 7 November 2013

When the bottom falls out…..

The chairs at our dining table were supposed to be a temporary fallback when we moved in to our house 19 years ago.  Other priorities came and the chairs are still there.  Gradually, the cane on the seats has given way due to many breakfasts, lunches, dinners,  and other, less conventional use as camps, barricades, forts, castles, boats, spaceships, and the like.  The onslaught has had consequences, and it was time to deal with the sagging bottom of one of them.


Two episodes of Grayson Perry giving the Reith lectures, much webbing stretching, lots of tacks and staples later, it is back to a functional state.  Not perfect, but might last another 19 years.


  1. Very professional! Are you going to do them all? The one in the background looks as though you've already tended to it as well. Good reminder about the GP lectures - I missed the middle one and keep forgetting to catch up with it!

  2. Nifty bit of up cycling! That Mr P was clearly providing inspiration. Was it the one where he was cracking the whip?

  3. A new string to your bow - great reupholstering!


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