Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The writing is on the wall.....

… and on the carpet.

IMG 0108

I'm just back from another conference, in Germany this time.  Great touches in the hotel, like the writing on the wall

IMG 0109

and that little post-it, that said

IMG 0110

I do hope it was written by an actual person, and is not available to purchase as a piece of corporate branding.  Some stitching was done on a piece started 4 years ago, and found while looking for something else.

IMG 0104

I did miss my course at Morley, but the conference was full of inspirational women, so there were compensations.  Another was this translation that really made me laugh - maybe it was done with auto-translate?

IMG 0103


  1. tee hee hee! Love the writing on the wall. It looks like a much nicer hotel than the ones I used to get put up in when I had to travel much more for work.

  2. Laughed out loud at the hotel snacks sign! x

  3. I'm really loving all the texty fabrics around: the walls and the carpet are great, well for hotel rooms anyway, I don't think it would work at home!


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