Monday, 7 October 2013

Conference stitching

I am in Dublin, so needed a portable project to while away the travelling hours - just as well after this morning's delays at Heathrow.  My current large quilt is too big to lug about while travelling, so a rummage through the bits and pieces bag brought the panel below to the top of the bag.  A hand-stencilled panel, layered on to wadding, on which I can practise my embroidery stitches.

The great cushion is on the bed in the hotel, woven, although it looks appliqued.


  1. gotta love the portable project!

  2. Nice and bright, looks like you are going to have fun with it! Hope travel back not also fog delayed!

  3. Nice! Conferencing and stitching. Presumably you didn't take the needles etc. as hand luggage.

  4. That's looking good! im off to Rome on Friday (just to Sunday) and I've given my sewing projects *far* more thought than clothes!!!!


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