Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Morley has started again, and I survived having to draw

So this term, I am back at Morley on Tuesdays, doing a course called " Design and Print".  The textile studio has been refurbished.  Gone are the startling yellow walls, the red metal roof beams, the encrusted sinks, the slightly dodgy and too small fume cupboard, and the water tanks that always  ran out of water by the end of the day.  It all seemed rather endearing at the time, but all is whisked away to be replaced with lots of white paint, and brand new fittings.

The tutor went straight in with a drawing and design exercise.  Three drawings of different objects from our bags, from three different angles, by three different individuals.   I did not let panic set in, but got on with it as best as I could.  As the tutor wanted drawings as loose and sketchy as possible, I could eventually relax into it.  We then photocopied the resulting drawings, , reduced them in size on the photocopier, and played with composition of the resulting shapes.  

First composition, can you identify the original items*?, just larger than A4 size

IMG 0021

Second composition, with multiple copies.  too mch white space down the centre strip, but starting to look interesting.

IMG 0031

* scissor case and scissors, pot full of tea bags with open lid, glasses case with a box of pins.


  1. Interesting stuff. Looks like it will be a really inspiring course.

  2. well done Mrs can't draw won'tt draw H!!!!

  3. Don't ever, ever, ever, try and say that you aren't an artist! Not only an artist, but one that can draw! (and I'm sorry if that makes your science side uncomfortable, but you will have to live with the duality!) What a great start to the year.


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