Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Designing, more in my comfort zone with paper cutting

Back to Morley this week,  and we are continuing to generate potential print imagery, using a variety of design methods.  This week, instead of a pencil, we had scalpels in hand, so I was fully in my comfort zone.  Overlaying different tones of papers to get  design, the outcomes are shown below.

Just short of A4 size

IMG 0055

Based on this photograph of bicycle handlebars,


the design below.  I wasn't happy with this, so am going to change it later.

IMG 0064

We also tried cyanotype printing, but my result was too blurry to mention, but it did start with a flash of colour from some incredible abutilons in the Morley garden.  This post is too monochrome, so here they are.

Abutilons  Version 2


  1. the interlocking layers of paper is a lovely effect, never would have guessed handle bars though!

  2. Love the first scalpel piece! Love the colour flash from the flowers too. Glad to see that you are going to share your Morley work for us to ooh and aaah over!

  3. You are doing some awesome work, I'm so surprised by your low page views. I must have missed your inbox email following button on your blog? I'd love to follow you!


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