Thursday, 5 July 2012

Morley Moons

Last day of term, and I think I am overwhelmed by the number of techniques I have learned this year. I was therefore drawn again to the immediacy and simplicity of indigo resist shibori to make some more strips of moons by using CDs as resists. ! minute and 5 minutes in the indigo bath respectively, with the right hand one dyed with an overall resist before over dyeing with the CD resist.

Some embroidery on previously dyed linen helped with feeling that I was actually doing something constructive while watching the tennis ( Go Andy!).

Stitched with DeHaviland threads, who frustratingly, still don't seem to have a website.

I have brought home some dye pastes and some dyspere dyes to experiment with over the holidays, so there might still be some posting over the next few weeks.

Do visit the Morley Gallery if you ae in Lambeth, where there is a display of work by the Advanced Textiles Group, very inspiring.

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  1. Love the moons, and I think that shade of blue is my favourite!


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