Thursday, 3 May 2012

Papercuts, moving ahead

No printing this week, but lots of planning, for my new photoscreen and for a design for a piece of cloth on the theme of the Olympics. The cut shapes have developed, and today was time to work on layout ( approximately A3 size). The advantages of the mobile phone are very apparent at this stage, as it is possible to quickly rearrange elements in a composition and then record them in a photograph.

Tiered, linear array

Tiered, linear array with inversions

Linear array, offset elements

Diagonal array

Random array

In the end, with the help of the saintly Marian, I've gone with none of these, but with a cluster or elements and some straying pieces, in the hope that this will give me more variety in the use of the screen. The phone ran out of battery, so pics of that will need to wait.

Also today a return to the Olympics project. I have been so unenthusiastic about this, I've really struggled to get to an image. Eventually I've gone with sailing because: I have sailed myself; sails are very graphic and come in lots of shapes, sizes and colours; Britain has a great Olympics sailing team. Again working with cut up paper, tissue this time, overlapping. Inspiration came from lots of images of sails, and playing about with overlaying colours of the tissue. This starting model is about 60 cm long.


I hope to match these colours using the dye recipes from the workshop last weekend and to exploit the transparency of the Procion P dyes.


  1. The "jelly fish" look really intricately cut - that must have taken ages, but they look fab. I knew the inspiration behind the sails as soon as I say it, that going to be fab. Think I'm going t o see you on Tuesday, yippee

  2. goodness me but those 'cut shapes' are stunning. I like them all and photographs are a great way to play with arrangements etc.

  3. wow! Love the cut shapes - will be interested to see the final layout - and love the sails too. When you construct your piece will it be flat or 3d?

  4. Wow! Love the cut paper shapes - will be interested to see the final layout! Love the sails too - will the final item be flat or have sails billowing from it?


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