Sunday, 6 May 2012

May journal quilt finished

As the weather is not conducive to being outside, that means lots of time for planning Morley projects - cutting five different paper stencils, aiming for an overall design of the sails shown in a previous post, and completing a couple of journal quilts.

May is the first of the yellow themed quilts for the Contemporary Quilt Group challenge. I've decided to keep a link between the months that are next to each other in the colour challenge, by including some red in the first month's yellow quilt.


Hand-dyed fabric, with hand embroidery as quilting, combined with machine embroidery. Binding was machine – embroidered before stitching to the piece.
The balance of this piece went all wrong when I realised that I could not wash out a mark left by over-zealous use of spray adhesive. I therefore had to cut off a piece of the red and try to regain balance by adding the machine quilted lines at the bottom.

The binding proved to be difficult to colour match to the main body of the piece, hence the number of seams in the binding strip.


  1. Looks lovely, and I can't see the problems even after you've written about them!

  2. Sounds annoying that the adhesive marker the piece and made you change it. Still looks fabulous, though - love the stitched detail.


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