Saturday, 3 March 2012

Transferred dots


Experimenting with painting disperse dyes directly on to synthetic fabric and investigating differing degrees of diffusion of the dye through the cloth. The background was dyed first and then the dots war painted on. Interestingly, the fewer dots in a circle, the more the dye spread through the fabric. I should probably know the physics of the, but I can't drag it out of my memory. The fuchsia was a mix of fuchsia and black, hence the fine dark ring on the outside of the circles.

The next piece was painted with stock concentration and a 1/8 dilution. The dilution spread so much that there was no definition of the dots, just a very laborious way to get a wash of colour. The spirals of dots were painted with the stock solution mixed with indulca to thicken the dye and limit the spreading. As ever, lots to explore.


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