Saturday, 11 June 2011

There we go…. indigo

Indigo dyeing at Morley this week.  rough calico, squashed, tied , stitched and then dipped in to the indigo vat.

indigo dyeing 001 indigo dyeing 002indigo dyeing 003

Even the wrapping strings and the rubber bands come out beautiful colours.

indigo dyeing 008 indigo dyeing 007indigo dyeing 005

And my little pleated piece will be very interesting when unfurled.

indigo dyeing 006


  1. All lovely! I was just wondering about spreading some fabric paint over my pleats, but have decided to wait until I'm without small children around to join in, as we've already started on two other painting projects today with them....!

  2. That is my favourite shade of blue, sooooooooo scrummy!


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