Thursday, 16 June 2011

Cracked, not twisted

No, not my mind or my threads.  After sleepless nights, an inability to laugh without pain, some self diagnosis on the internet and a call to a helpful GP, it seems I have a cracked rib, in addition to the cut eyebrow.  Not a lot to do about it, except dose up with painkillers and wait it out.  It did mean that I  couldn’t face going to Morley, which was a pity as I have created all sort of interesting wrapped objects to go in the indigo vat.

Wrapped objects and bruises 006 Wrapped objects and bruises 007 Wrapped objects and bruises 008

Wrapped objects and bruises 004

Can you guess what they are yet?

The bruises are becoming  some very interesting shades now but I will spare the squeamish.


  1. Ouch. It sounds as though the accident was more dramatic than you'd let on. Hope the rib heals quickly, and hope that you have another chance with an indigo vat soon.

  2. Oh, A that sounds like a lot of pain, especially if it keeps you from Morley! Even if you don't get a go with the indigo vat, I think you have made one amazing work of art!


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