Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy, Healthy New Year

Why is it, when you have lost your voice, everyone else either starts whispering back to you or shouts very loudly as if there is something wrong with your hearing as well?  No energy for sewing, so I suppose this must be the flu.

On another health note, it is no wonder that the Scots have one of the world’s highest incidence of cardiovascular disease, when one of the favourite meats is Lorne sausage, which to be tasty, “ must have at least 20% fat”.  As one of the Scottish diaspora, thank goodness, this isn’t on sale in our local butcher……………because it is very tasty.

 Ayr and ice 001  

Grilling, not frying in at least an attempt to remove some of the 20% fat.

Ayr and ice 004

In the pan, and not in the arteries.

Happy New Year.


  1. Hmmm. Simon's grandpa's recipe (he was a butcher) is 22 - 25% fat.....and is, by all accounts, delicious. Not for me to say as Simon doesn't make a vegetarian version!

    Hope that you return to full health soon, Avril.

  2. Sorry you aren't too well, maybe getting the kids back to school will be the tonic you need :-).



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