Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Creative and Experimental textiles = consumed and exhilarated mind

In need of a creative push, I've signed up to an evening course at Morley College. Very occasionally, the minute you go through the door, you know you're in the right place - that's what Morley feels like.

The course is Creative and Experimental Textiles and so far we have been making sketchbooks, using our own paste print papers. These are great fun and an intriguing surface to stitch. Photo is of an A4 sized paste paper representation of a tree, bonded to interfacing, with fabric stitched on and joining threads left unclipped. I've now taken the scanned image of this and printed it on to calico using Bubblejet set prepared fabric, but pics of that will need to wait.

The green tree is a scan of an unadorned paste print, and the blue and pink ones are manipulations in Photoshop, courtesy of Number 1 son.

Can't wait for next week.
PS Number 2 son won third prize for Cruella!

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  1. Great stuff - and I'm still jealous of you doing this course! Keep up the good work.

    Well done to No. 2 son too!

    Plum xx


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