Thursday, 14 October 2010

20h of wonder

Morley again last night, and a chance to incorporate our paste-print papers in to our textile work / sketchbooks. It is intriguing to see the books come together and reflect the character of their makers. These are scans of my prints that may be used as end papers.


The last image is of the back of the starfish-like paste print. This was a piece of screen printed paper found in the Morley studio bin, but was too great to throw away.

Then, followed up by a morning trying out my friend's Sashiko machine by Babylock - what an incredible experience. I'm not a sashiko stitcher, but this machine quilts in a very straightforward and easy way and is the nearest thing to hand quilting that I've seen. Lines, spirals, circles, swirls, all within easy grasp. If you get a chance to try one out on a quilt , then jump at the opportunity..... but start saving up. Thanks so much L!

And, also a chance to meet, chat and review future collaborative projects with B from SLIK stitches, who it turns out, lives really near us. Great to meet you.

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  1. I'm over-awed by the creative stuff that was going on this morning - sketchbook covers, persian lunch, sashiko, and beading projects - SO glad I live within gatecrashing distance :-)


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