Monday, 1 February 2010

Speech patterns

This is the result of the round robin on words that I started with our quilt group about 7 months ago. I asked each person to add a word that means something to them using any technique that they wished.

I've added a lime green inner border ( proper patchwork, using an old shirt) and an outer border. As usual, this developed rather than being planned, hence the triangles on only two sides. This staggered flying geese technique I saw demonstrated at Farnham Maltings about two weeks ago , it's a great technique - if you read the instructions correctly and don't miss out a crucial step. Due to missing this crucial step, some of these triangles will not pass msuter with the points police.

These colours are much brighter than they appear here, need to get a better photo. This is about 36 x 40, but may get larger.

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  1. Love the off-setting of the words that you've done. Great stuff!



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