Saturday, 13 February 2010


I have always liked china phrenology heads and have had a project bubbling in my head for a few months, combining: phrenology; hobbies of individuals; an art project my children did when at junior school where they had to draw their thoughts on to a print of an empty head.

This is the first prototype. A copyright-free phrenology head image, traced over with a Sulky iron-on transfer pen, stitched on to piece of vintage wool blanket with 50% wool thread. I started stitching this in a hoop,. but found it was easier to control the stitching, particularly of the words if I just held it. This one is for a family member ( who might be reading, hope you like it!)


  1. Love this and your strippy cushion. Hope things aren't too tough - although if it produces items like these.......!



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