Monday, 1 December 2014

Drawing and stitching

After drawing in the museum last week, and analysing what I found difficult about that task, I decided to draw from photographs to try to understand light and shade and how it contributes to form.



Converted to black and white

Lilly flash  Version 2

Printed photograph next to resulting drawing


The challenge of course is to attempt to draw the same flower from life.

Stitching has been some machine quilting practise, and testing out colouring with watercolour pencils and Sharpie markers, 


and preparing some seasonal postcards


The recipient of the Narnia postcard was delighted, I am glad to say.

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  1. Oh gosh- the "can't draw won't draw" Avril Has definitely been replaced!! That's amazing, the colour work and the postcards are pretty darn fab too! How did you find the sharpies? Were they the fabric ones, or the normal ones?


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