Thursday, 28 November 2013

Trees, continued

Morley this week, and back to my printing project to do with damaged trees, Paul Nash, bleeding canker, the garden museum, wounds, bark, trenches, identity tags - as my tutor says, I could be getting a bit overwhelmed by my subject matter and need to simplify.

Experiments with painting thickened dye paste directly on the screen

IMG 0157

experimenting with polystyrene blocks

IMG 0158

IMG 0161

Finally, a tree image

IMG 0159

Tree printed

IMG 0160

This could finally be gong somewhere.


  1. Printing with polystyrene - you're a girl after my own heart!!

  2. Overwhelmed by subject matter ... "been there" ... your tutor's advice rings true - simplify, simplify! Looks like you're on the right road.


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