Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Deconstructing or breaking down...

…….not me, but re-visiting this technique, done a slightly different way.  This time, resist objects  were placed under the screen on top of a piece of paper, and then Procion P dye paste was applied through the screen, and then allowed to dry.  Much less dye is trapped on the screen, so the screen was dry enough to print from during the same day.  There is a good description of the technique here and a good video here.

Objects used as resists, after being removed from the screen.


Manutex carrier paste is applied with a squeegee - needs some effort - to rehydrate the dye paste, resulting in a different print with each pull, as the dye pastes rehydrate at different rates.  This is trying to get to a mix of pastes close to my favourite turquoise blue, using turquoise, black and scarlet red.

Prints on the table on cotton lawn


First set of prints


Print on paper, not an even pull, so less dye in the bottom right corner.

Paper print from deconstrcuted screen

Detail of the section resulting from using bubble-wrap.


After attending a talk by Sheena Norquay last night, about her seasonal inspirations, my head is once again bursting with too many ideas.


  1. What brilliant prints! Will you be selecting bits to make brooches / small items with or do you plan to use them all whole? !There is a lot of interest across them - I keep having to re-look at them!


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