Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Design course at Morley continues

I was super inspired at this week's Morley session.

I was not even meant to be there, as I was booked to attend a conference in London.  Luckily enough, I had my suspicions that the organisation looked a bit on the unprofessional side, and I was proved right.    Supposedly for a start at 0900h, with over 50 delegates, at 0930h there were 10 rather bemused individuals wandering around looking lost, and no sign of the organisers.  I had packed my inspirational material for Morley in my bag, just in case, so I went straight over to Morley, even although I was dressed in full corporate garb rather than in my scruffy studio clothes.

My design inspiration is coming down to two areas I think: Paul Nash paintings and broken trees; sails and the America's cup.  Sails I have explored before, so I've returned to some of those shapes.  The broken tree shapes are also in my local parks as many horse chestnuts succumb to infection, and are pruned in an attempt to save them. 

Sails, cut from one piece of A4 paper, my favourite medium, with all smaller shapes cut from within the larger shape ( vaguely based on the principles of Notan)

IMG 0077

IMG 0076

IMG 0078

IMG 0075

Change of scale of some elements

IMG 0074


IMG 0073

Torn paper tree

IMG 0080

Colour inversion and repetition

IMG 0081

Looking a bit like this well known quilt theme by Helen Howes


The printing part of the course starts next week,  but I will be in Dublin - at another conference.


  1. Love the designs! Wish I could attend such a productive conference!!

  2. i bet next week's "conference" won't have as great results as this week's. i love the shapes, especially the reusing of the cut outs


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