Sunday, 9 June 2013

Practical stitching

I now need a laptop sleeve, as I will be travelling more in my new job. and carrying my laptop with me.  I haven't found anything for sale that I really like, so I used this piece of cloth to make my own.   There are two layers of cotton wadding in this, so the quilting had to be done with a large stitch.
Front, with loops for pens or key fobs.
Straps, which are webbing embroidered with a favourite thread.
The double zips, to allow it to be fully unzipped at airports, were a challenge, but I'm glad I had a go at these.
More carved marking tape at Morley this week, on top of a ProcionP background, created with a notched foam brush - obviously needs ironing!


  1. love the case, and the webbing. stitching is lovely, did you stitch it down at the sides too? are you coming tonight?

  2. Clever, very clever. I'd never have thought of using a fancy stitch like that on the webbing - I'm impressed that your machine handled it all so well (and that you thought of doing it).
    Love the other carved tape fabric too. It's given me an idea for a t-shirt that I want to fancy up!

  3. I love this! Perhaps I should commission one! What's the new job? Anything textile related?


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