Saturday, 1 February 2020

Trying to glimpse the light

So here we are, 01 February 2020, bigotry and ignorance seem to have “won”. Let’s hope those responsible enjoy their “victory” and not too many people suffer from the consequences. Many glimpses of light needed to even attempt to keep my spirits up.

Sketchbook, exploring burnt sienna in its many shades and tones




A weekend away in the woods

Croft Castle Woods

Seeing fantastic 300yr old trees

Croft Castle Woods

Croft Castle Woods

Beautiful mediaeval floors, and new kneelers based on the floor tiles

Croft Castle Woods

Croft Castle Woods

Croft Castle Woods

Croft Castle Woods

Progress on the drum - an image from a children’s colouring book, coloured, then manipulated in imaging software, printed and glued to the drum. Some smaller seahorses to be added at some point, but this drum is now an active part of Extinction Rebellion.



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