Monday, 12 March 2018

Fabric painting

I bought a copy of the new book by Deborah O’Hare of Quiltroutes. Besides showing all of her lovely journal quilts, the books gives lots of information about her fabric and stitch techniques.

As I am lacking space just now, due to imminent building work, I wanted to try her method of fabric painting, using  Dye-na-flow fabric paints. Fabric is laid out on a waterproof board, with no fabric pre-treatment. three experiments are on the go at the weekend.


The initial results were paler than I wished, so I overdyed parts of the cloth with the undiluted blue.


Much more interesting and lots to explore in future with different folding techniques, perhaps some from the book, Folding Techniques for Designers, , which has kept my fingers busy this weekend.




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  1. Oh gosh I love the final results - especially with the “no fabric pre-treatment.” info- that is such a boring stage! She’s a lovely lady! Lovely to see your bacteria IRL on Monday xxx


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