Monday, 25 September 2017

Finishing lines

I have been in Rotterdam, supporting my incredible sister and her partner as they represented Australia in the amateur team at the World Triathlon Finals.
They both crossed the finish line in very respectable times,  and were still up for a big celebration in the evening.
Lots of stitching inpiration in the photos of the pontoon where the swimming leg started
and also from the food stalls  in the superb Markthal.
And in the mesmerising,multiple escalators
All of that dedication and training pushed me to my own finishing line, the binding on Kaleidoscope, started in December 2012.
I evidently don’t finish enough quilts, as I had forgotten how to join the two binding ends together seamlessly. This video, from Heirloom Creations, is the simplest explanation I have every found, a boon for those like me who find the upside-down, back to front instructions of others completely confusing.
 Twenty feet of binding to hand stitch down now, the last part of my quilting and piecing triathlon on this quilt.


  1. What an exciting event that looks like - well done to your sister and her partner for competing - and big kudos to them for still being able to celebrate afterwards! They are clearly very fit!
    Great to hear that you are on the home straight on your Kaleidoscope quilt! I'm sure that you finish lots of quilts, just not always with conventional binding! Looking forward to seeing it soon!

  2. Triathlon- they must be mad!!! Well done to them! And to you for fathoming the binding twist!

  3. Thanks to Plum & Benta for your words of support!


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