Sunday, 8 January 2017

Hexagons and drawing

Like so many quilters, I have piles of hexagons pieced and waiting to incorporate in to a quilt.  As this is the start of another year, I have laid mine out again, in a different order that was last seen on here, 6 years ago!

As with all hexagon quilts it needs more hexagons. Just as well I have Game of Thrones seasons 5 and 6 to watch as I really only stitch these in front of the television.

Drawing continues, favourite pincushion, pencil and watercolour crayon

Artist’s model ( with lost foot) , pencil

Is it still drawing if the “drawing” is done with a scalpel?  Collage, black paper and metallic pens


  1. Yes, a scalpel is a drawing tool! It's great to see the evolution of your drawings.

  2. Great hexies! I love to good hand sewing project to occupy the hands during GOT


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