Thursday, 16 June 2016

Bodies and trees

Another morning of life drawing, 5 minute, 3 minute and 15 minute poses with both wet and dry media.

Holding a brush and sitting on a stool, although the holding a brush looks more like spear-fishing and I’ve made the beautiful model look rather squat and rather heavier than she was.


The brown ones are done by another member of the class. The two on the right hand side and the pink one, with the brush, are mine.


Combining or overlaying the 3 minute poses on one sheet of paper.


Wet ink and charcoal, seated.


Struggling to cope with the strong pink wash to get enough contrast between light and dark


Happiest with this one.


After a rest and lunch, off to Highgate to see the works by Richard  Downer, the father of our tutor.  Richard’s drawn work will be known to all of us in the UK who used phone directories between 1967 - 1985, as his drawings were on the front cover of every local directory.  This exhibition focuses on his private paintings of trees, their life, demise and regeneration. Very striking and with echoes of Paul Nash in the series about the aftermath of the Great Storm of 1987. On until 23rd June and well worth a visit.  Great views walking down Highgate Hill are a bonus.



  1. Wow! Amazing drawing collection that you are amassing. Really interested in the idea of the time limited poses - I hadn't thought about the mechanics of life drawing classes before. Great work, Avril - your drawing lines are really different now to when you started your classes.

  2. You're really doing well! Lovely to see your sketches xx


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