Monday, 2 May 2016

Bank Holiday design decisions

On the design wall - or ,more accurately, the design floor, auditioning half square triangles with some appliqué blocks ( I think based on a block from  Piece O Cake) that i worked on in Australia, nearly two years ago. 

Stitching on the sturdy featherweight.

I can see now that the middle block in the bottom row is missing a piece!

Auditioning in black and white shows a misplaced square in the topmost right, and insufficient contrast in a few of the sashing squares.

Auditioning a border of strips, which I think is too busy.  It needs some plain fabric between the squares and the strip border.

Still discovering functions on my camera - black and white with a hint of red.

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  1. Great combination of blocks and sashing - going to be a lovely top!


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