Monday, 9 March 2015

Contemporary textile fair

I had an inspiring visit to the Contemporary Textile Fair this weekend.  Not as busy as I have seen it before, both in terms of numbers of exhibitors and number of visitors.  While this was disappointing for the exhibitors, it gave much more space to see the work well, and to spend time talking to people whose work caught my eye.  Some of my long term favourites were there, Steph Littlechild, Penny Seume, and Emma Burton, and some new names, Geoff Stocker, Lindsey Tyson, and Kate Wakely.  Gorgeous bags, scarves and clothing from makers Liz Kemp ( who uses offcuts of tweed woven by her sister and used to make very upmarket jackets), Cecile Jeffrey knitwear, Henrietta Park and Katy Broomfield, who was in the studio when I was studying at Morley College.
Did I buy anything?  Yes, 4 Christmas presents and a beautiful linen and leather bag for me, myself, I.  It was destined to be really, as it matched the leggings I was wearing, post-yoga , perfectly.  Photo to come.


  1. thanks for all the links to browse - particularly liked Lindsey Tyson

  2. I'm sorry that I missed the fair - sounds like you had a lovely dose of retail there!

  3. I really need to read this post with time to follow the links and have my own little tour- rather than when I'm still in bed and late for work!!!! Ooops


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