Sunday, 18 January 2015

Dyeing results and bag distractions

The dyeing from last week went well, although the graduated pieces done in the microwave all seemed to come out very similar.  The gradations below all came from leaving the fabric overnight at room temperature.  Original white shown at the side for contrast.


Patience may be a virtue here it seems.

My large project is giving m some headaches, so I had a bit of a diversion in to some bag making for The Quilter's Guild bag tombola at this year's Festival of Quilts.  The first two are made with the Morsbag method but with longer handles, a square base,  and a bit of stitching along the edges of the base to give them more definition.  The startling ( or could be " jaunty", depending on your point of view?) pink webbing has been lurking in the "bag of interesting bits" for some time.



The next two were made using this method for the base, which gives a good finish without having to join up fiddly edges.  I also added some key fobs to these ones, again using some clips from the other bag of " useful bits that might come in handy".




  1. I hadn't heard of the microwave technique for dyeing. My interest has been piqued, sounds like much fun.

  2. Nice bags!! Must get act into gear for FOQ!

    Hope you're well. Hilary

  3. Thanks for the link for the boxy bottom, I wondered how those were done, I shsll try that method next time!


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