Monday, 8 December 2014

Inspired by Art

The quilt group has a current challenge, " Inspired by Art", to make an A3 piece, inspired by a piece of art, ideally which can be exhibited with a postcard of said piece of art.  I've ummed and ahhed about this for far too long, so got started this weekend.  My inspiration is a piece by Vasarely, who is known for his Op-art paintings but who also did a lovely drawing, titled " Anti Racist Drawing".  There are a couple of images of this piece online, but not many.

I'm adding some tattoo content to my piece.  While I could have challenged my appliqué skills with this one, I took the easy way out and used Bondaweb, but yet again the back to front , inside out, upside down thing went awry, and despite cutting out the eye of the white head three times, it is still different from the original image.  It is now staying that way.  My interpretation is in blue, as black and white seemed too stark in cloth for these rounded shapes.






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